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QA And Software Testing

Current software industry competitive business atmosphere, businesses expect faster, more competent software solutions with no quality sacrifice. Businesses that have own testing teams are often challenged by high costs, unprepared to survive the normal business fluctuations, and unable to fulfil individualized testing demands. This leads to insufficient test coverage, lightened in overall quality and reliability.

We put capability, skill and productivity together to offer start-to-finish Independent Testing Services spanning both conventional and cutting edge technologies. At 4Beats Limited we improve the quality of your systems and deliver the final product to market faster allowing us to lower your application portfolio’s Total Cost of Tenure.

Mobile Phone Testing:

We have a group of mobile phone test engineers who got the experience of global brand of mobile phone. We will cover the whole development phase to releasing the mobile in the market. We will cover the following test area.

Basic Function Test, Menutree, Exploratory, Interruption Matrix, Test Cases Coverage, Compatibility, Usability, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Compliance Testing and Benchmark Testing.

Web Application Testing:

We have a very well experienced engineers team who really fantastic to do the web application test. We could support both agile and traditional testing environment. We can handle from the requirements phase to deliver the products to the customer.

We cover Basic Function Test, Exploratory, Test Cases Coverage, Compatibility, Usability, Load Testing, Security Testing, Functional Testing, and Integration Testing.

Test Automation:

We have expert level engineer who got the experience in multinational organization performing automation test using vendor base tools as well as open source. We have expertise in the following tools area.

Watir, Jmeter, Selenium, QTP, LoadRunner are the tools that we support. Beside this we have the expertise to automate the application using different scripting includes Ruby, Python and Shell Script.

We have another specialization area is the estimation. We have a great experienced team who are working for a long time in project estimation area. To ensure the product delivery within schedule and budget. In software testing area we have developed a tool that is unique in the industry will be helpful to estimate the software test projects.