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Software Testing Services and Quality Assurance

Quality is one of the cornerstones in software development. We provide quality assurance and software testing services to verify error-free software product operation. We do our best to deliver products that accelerate return on investment (ROI) process.

4Beats is a software development provider who aims at delivering effective and quality solutions to our clients. To achieve this aim we begin quality assurance process at the stage of the product architecture creation and we end it at the moment of the ready product delivery. We do software testing to ensure that it meets the requirements, industry standards, security, is in compliance with the business goals it was designed to achieve.

We offer quality assurance for both third-party products and custom software developed by our team.

Effective testing can be done in several ways – manually, with or without specific applications, totally in automated mode. Choice depends on the aspect to test and objective factors as software type, size and aim of testing.

With Us You Can Get

  • Functionality testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Regression testing (after enhancements or changes of configuration)
  • Usability testing
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform testing
  • Load and performance testing
  • Stress testing (solutions for mass usage)
  • Specific testing depending on the purpose of the released product
  • Security testing
  • Code audit

Quality assurance specialists define the most effective test types for each product and offer optimal plan of testing. The years of expertise allow our quality assurance specialists to bring you functional, bugs-free and stable-working software and web applications. With us your products will enter the market in time and within budget.