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Our Mission


To combine our unique infrastructure and technological capabilities with the expertise and knowledge of our employees to not only successfully design, develop and implement projects of any size but also to augment product development efficiency and responsiveness.

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Our Vision


Our vision is to meet the business needs of our clients and our services are built upon innovative thinking and creativity that utilize the most advanced and proven technologies, providing a wide range of business support.

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Why choose us?

We provide everything from consulting to implementation and augment your team on request. Develop your project with us.

From Idea to Successful Product

Our Christchurch-based software consultancy is passionate about software design and development, both in the area of embedded firmware & custom .Net web applications. We will use our extensive knowledge of technology to propose a custom solution fitted to your specific requirements and turn your idea into a successful product. We will then implement this solution, manage the project through to its delivery and provide ongoing support as required.

Well Thought-Out Design

You will not find any programming cowboy in our team. When a new development kicks off, we start by writing a software design specification which clearly defines the goals and requirements of the product. This document is discussed with you and approved prior to any coding being undertaken.


We keep our customers in the loop, not in the dark. We email a weekly project update outlining time spent, progress made, issues encountered and the following week’s plan so you can keep track of costs & status at any point in time.


We follow the Agile software development methodology. This approach enables us to respond to changes in requirements and end-user needs rapidly and cost-effectively.


We deliver ‘slices of the cake’ – or stable, incremental releases containing new product improvements – at regular intervals for customer review. This gives you high visibility during development, and gives us the opportunity to improve User Experience based on ongoing feedback as development progresses.

Low Technical Debt

Our test-driven approach ensures our code is always testable. This, along with frequent refactoring, helps keep ‘technical debt’ low and deliver products of the highest quality. It also ensures that maintaining and enhancing existing software is a smooth process.


We are very committed to each and every of our customer and pride ourselves on being extremely responsive. We will not make you wait when you have an important deadline to meet or a client requiring urgent support. We are known to go above and beyond the call of duty when the situation calls for it and will not charge you more for doing so.

The Right Tools

We set up every software project with source control and -its own Wiki-based online documentation on our server. Once released, each project is added to our web-based bug & enhancement tracking tool. This tool allows you not only to report any issue conveniently but also to request & approve time estimates on any future enhancement required

Software Review & QA

We provide a peer review service for software designed and written by your own team. We also have extensive QA experience and offer software testing services for those companies who need to have their software quality-tested. QA is an important part of our software consultancy service based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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4Beats Limited is a professional software development firm that is a valuable partner to you by rapidly producing innovative software solutions. We have three fundamental beliefs – Quality, Schedule and Cost – that are the fundamental between stakeholder’s interactions. Our goal is to deliver the products with high quality, on time and competitive cost. We offer different development and software testing services.

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